Over the years, Asian betting has grown significantly and it has lead to new unique and lucrative betting avenues, especially with the Asian Handicaps (AH). As the Asian betting approach became all the more popular and rewarding, it became vital that the bettors be connected with these prime betting exchanges and top Asian bookies. The link was formed via betting brokers that act as the intermediary between the players and the bookmakers. Asianstorm is a renowned betting agent offering top notch international brokerage services, connecting the players with Asian betting platforms such as PS3838 and Betfair alternative Exchanges.

Embracing Asianstorm

Tired of switching between different sites and move funds around in order to have multiple betting accounts? Well, that is why you need wagering intermediary, Asian betting brokers. Registering with brokers like Asianstorm, your account is established with them rather than with individual bookmakers or exchanges. Instead of having an account with each individual bookmaker or exchange, you have an account with the broker. This means that with a single account, you can have access to multiple betting platforms. The broker then allows you to place bets on odds offered by the various bookmakers or exchanges they partner with, and you only need to manage one account and one bankroll. This is a very holistic solution that allows for more flexibility in betting and simplifies the betting process.
Asian betting brokers, such as Asianstorm, offer access to betting exchanges like Fair Exchange, Orbit Exchange, Whitehorse, and Winfair24. Each of these exchanges offer significant value and a wide range of sports markets and events to bet on, as well as special features, namely live betting, cash out, and low commission rates.
And what better, to be able to have access to multiple exchanges with a single account, and add to it traditional sportsbooks too! Asianstorm gives you the opportunity to benefit both from exchanges and traditional bookmakers by offering access to PS3838. Whether it be exclusively Asian betting players or not, PS3838, powered by Pinnacle, the world’s most renowned Asian Bookie, has something for every type of bettor, as it provides a wide range of sports and markets, pre-game and live and numerous special features.
For Asian betting, establishing an account via a reputable broker like Asianstorm, you can have a vast selection of Asian market betting types to choose from, especially Asian Handicaps.

How Asian Handicap works

The Asian handicap betting is a betting type that has its roots in Asia, and very shortly was expanded and became very popular all around the globe. The reason for its rapidly widespread popularity is that it has two key benefits.
Asian Handicap provides a level playing field for two teams opposing one another, and for each team there is an assumed advantage. Usually, one team is the one most likely to win and the other is the less likely to win, the underdog. Asian Handicap gives the underdog team a head start.
For example, there are two teams, Team A and Team B. Team A is the favorite and Team B is the underdog in this scenario. As Team A is strongly likely to beat Team B, the Asian Handicap will give Team B lets say for instance a 1.5 goal head start.

And what does this mean for the players?

This means that, with an 1.5 goal head start for Team B, if a player wagers on Team A, they would need to win the game by 2 goals. If Team A wins by 1 goal, then the bet is not a winning bet, despite the fact that Team A won, because Team B had the advantage of 1.5 goal.

By this easy example, it is easily understood that with Asian Handicap there will never be a draw result, a very common outcome in sports like football. This option is entirely removed in this type of bet, giving room for a 50/50 chance of winning a bet. This immediately magnifies the winning prospects, comparing to the traditional 1×2 type of bet. Secondly, by leveling the playing field in instances where one team has a significant advantage over the other, it offers more value on both favorites and underdogs.

Therefore, Asian Handicap, by adding value to betting on both teams and by reducing the number of potential outcomes to two rather than three, increases the winning chances of a bet. Now combining this advantage with what Asian betting has to offer via a broker like Asianstorm, the winning prospects are increased even more, and it becomes a very profitable way of betting.

Conclusively, by the growth of Asian betting rose the need of the emergence of brokers to act as intermediaries between bettors and bookmakers, revolutionizing ever since the betting industry. This link between the players and the bookmakers made it easier for bettors to navigate the diverse opportunities available in Asian bookmakers. This convenience of accessing multiple betting platforms with a single account rendered Asian betting brokers extremely popular. Asian betting brokers like Asianstorm provide a holistic solution and unique opportunities to players and they reshape the betting landscape, giving bettors even more exciting and profitable chances to look forward to in the future.

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