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Are you a sports fan with a knack for strategic betting? Whether you are a professional trader or just starting, Asianstorm is a game-changer in the world or sports trading and betting. Discover the sports trading platform that gives access to a world of possibilities and tools that can give you the edge in sports betting.

The World of Asian Betting: Discover the Best Odds

Asianstorm is known for giving access to plenty of Asian Bookies offering some of the best odds when compared to other bookmakers. In the Asian betting world, odds are really important, whether you are betting on a game before it starts or while it is in progress. The platform has plenty of options for betting, including Asian Handicap and Asian Total markets.

Multiple Bookmakers in One Place

One of the coolest things about Asianstorm is that it brings together more than ten Asian Bookmakers and Betting Exchanges in a single account. This means you can compare the odds and make the most out of the betting market. Here is the list of the bookmakers and exchanges you’ll find on Asianstorm:

The User Experience

Upon arriving at the  platform, the users can immediately understand at a glance that they can access various options and features.

They can easily select from a wide array of events and markets, all nicely categorized in four tabs and they can explore their sports trading opportunities. Upon selecting a sport, they can view all the events scheduled for the current day, the list of all upcoming events in the following days, all the live events, as well as the competitions and tournaments available for long-term betting.

They can place their bets easily by picking a market and clicking on the odds and a new window will open with all the useful information gathered in one place about bookmakers, their limits and their odds. Placing bets is a breeze as they can find in one place all the available bookmakers offering the market, their limits in EURO currency, the odds of each, the maximum and minimum orders allowed, options to keep their bet open during in-play or take the closing price, as well as fields dedicated for placement of time, stake amount and desired odds.

Asianstorm allows bettors to add more Asian markets to their list, including Asian Handicap and Asian Total selections.

Players can bet on any sports they want, from Football to Boxing and MMA. They can easily switch to different sports by clicking on the sports bar. Each sport functions similarly, the only difference is the markets available.

The platform provides bettors with all the necessary tabs so they can easily track their bets and see how much they have won or lost with analytic and detailed information about their betting activity. They can see their Recent Orders and they can also keep track of all their betting orders for more detailed order information. Asianstorm allows users to filter their orders by various criteria, such as open or closed bets, date, in-play status and more. On “My Orders” tab they can also see the price, the stake and the profit or loss of all their orders.

Asianstorm provides bettors with an intuitive way to view their betting activity, with charts and visualizations. It also offers “Analytics” where users can analyze their account, bets, bookmakers, dates and events, and they can save the analytics data in CSV or Excel format for future reference.

The user profile is displayed at the top right corner and by hovering over the username, the users can access options like credit limit, balance, exposure, today’s and yesterday’s profit or loss etc.

A Tool for the Experts

Asianstorm is a must-try platform for players who take sports betting seriously. It is built with all the features necessary for any expert to place sophisticated and well-informed bets, but more importantly, Asianstorm does not restrict or closes accounts, even if you are a big winner.

Asianstorm is a game-changer when it comes to sports trading and betting. With access to awesome odds, markets and a range of bookmakers, it is the perfect place for anyone who is passionate about sports betting. Whether you are just starting or you are already a pro, Asianstorm has everything you need to make your bets count and take your sports trading to a whole new level.

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