Betting Exchange vs. Sportsbook Traditional Bookmakers

There are many new bettors out there that are still learning the trade of online betting. Moreover, one of the key questions that many people are asking is what is the difference between a bookmaker and a betting exchange? After all, this is not a simple question that can be answered by a simple sentence or two. That is why the team of betting experts at Brokerstorm created this short comparison between the bookmakers and the betting exchanges, the Betting Exchange vs Sportsbook Traditional Bookmakers. We will be looking also at some key features at these two different platforms.

Betting Exchanges vs Sportsbook Traditional Bookmakers – What Do You Need To Know

The first notable factor that you need to know when it comes to betting exchanges is the fact that they tend to offer significantly more value, advantages and opportunities to set your odds. The domino effect of these benefits is that more and more bettors have realized that the value of exchange compared to traditional bookmakers. After all, the prospect of allowing bettors to bet against each other, rather than a bookmaker enables a lot of freedom when it comes to betting.

In other words, betting exchanges provide you with the advantage that you are not limited to the odds set by bookies and only having the option to back a certain outcome. The prospect of being allowed to go head-to-head against each other by either backing or laying can have a galvanizing effect on your betting profits.

On the other hand, with the bookmakers, you only have the option to bet on the specific odds that they offer to you. That means the inclusion of their margins which can often be up to 20%, which can potentially have a negative effect on your profits.

That is where the betting exchange is the better option since better odds mean more value. Yes, it is simple as that!
One of the main problems for many traditional bettors is that they feel attached to the traditional bookmakers. But a betting exchange can provide you with a lot of and substantial benefits. That is why they are becoming more and more popular these days for the average bettor.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there are many differences between the betting exchange platforms and the regular traditional bookmakers. Each of these two betting concepts hasits own set of advantages and benefits. You cannot go wrong by choosing either one. However, our team of betting experts at Brokestorm strongly advices to every bettor to take a close look at what the betting exchange can offer. And this basic Betting Exchange vs. Sportsbook Traditional Bookmakers should be your starting guide when it comes to learning about betting exchanges.



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