The modern betting ecosystem gives us plenty of exciting ways of playing. Very few are as fascinating and profitable as wagering with Asian handicaps. To put it simply, what spread betting does is to start off one of the possible outcomes with an advantage or a disadvantage, adjusting the odds accordingly. You can find Asian handicap opportunities in most sports, events and markets. The majority of bookies offer plenty of spread bet markets, but as we said there is a whole betting ecosystem out there. Exchanges are great places to do your spread wagering. And why not try your luck with the top Asian betting brokers?

We will dive more into the concept of Asian brokers betting in a while, but the general gist is that with a broker, betting on Asian bets becomes so much easier, for reasons we will explain. Brokerstorm, a leading broker in the industry, will hook you with some of the most exclusive betting exchanges and unique bookmakers, so you can enjoy all the Asian betting you want.

In this article, we will introduce you to Asian betting through brokers and introduce you to the betting sites that will be available to you, should you open a Brokerstorm account. We will list the advantages of Asian betting on brokerage service websites and end up with what we strongly believe is the most winning strategy for brokers Asian betting.

How to win on brokers with Asian betting

So how do Asian betting brokers work? Imagine brokers as wagering middlemen. You create an account not with the exchanges and bookmakers, but with the broker. You just have to manage one account (and by nature one bankroll). Through that, you place your bets on odds offered by the collaborating bookmakers, or on those set by exchange members.

With Asian brokers betting, you give yourself an extra layer of freedom. We have said many times that in order to increase your chances of finding actual value, you should consider opening multiple accounts. This, however, means that you have to constantly browse between sites, compare odds and maybe even move funds around. Brokerstorm and other broker services eliminate that struggle, by offering you an all-in-one solution.

But which are those the exciting betting sites Brokerstorm offers? Let’s see them in synopsis.

Betting exchanges

The best Asian betting brokers know that exchanges are where the real value is found most of the time. Since those odds carry no margin and it is opposing bettors who set the odds, it is easier to find that value, which is the holy grail of betting. The exchanges offered are:

Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange, also known as Fair999, is an excellent new betting exchange, that gives its members (or those playing via brokers for Asian betting) a wide variety of sports, events, and markets to bet on. The site has a robust live betting feature, with so many diverse in-play markets, that even the most demanding bettors will be satisfied.

Since we mentioned live play, we cannot neglect the streaming option. The site has a good selection of live-to-stream events, spanning from the most popular to the rather obscure. And all on a really neat quality.

Pair all that with some of the best odds on the market and so low of a commission that you will keep feeling surprised if you are used to mainstream exchanges. And since we are mainly focusing on spread wagering, Fair Exchange’s broker betting Asian bets selection is beyond doubt above par.


OrbitX (or Orbit Exchange) was founded in 2017 and since then it has been a real innovator in the exchange business. When joining it via those Asian betting brokers, you immediately see what makes it so unique. One of the most user-friendly interfaces you can find, plus the actual value it provides players with is enough to make it reach the mountaintop.

What are those features Orbit X provides. A plethora of broker betting Asian bets is the first to come to mind, which fits perfectly the concept of this guide, doesn’t it? Then you have the high odds, the low commission rate and more betting markets than you can hope for.

Thousands of punters have joined Orbit Exchange and continue using it daily, for its so vast variety of sports, events, and indeed markets, both prior to the start of said event, and during live play.


When discussing Asian handicaps, horse racing is not the first sport to come to mind. It’s true that Asian handicaps are more prominent in other kinds of sports, like football, basketball, and tennis. That doesn’t mean that Whitestorm isn’t an excellent exchange for those playing via an Asian betting broker.

Despite what the name might suggest, Whitehorse is not exclusively a horse racing betting exchange. Yes, it excels in that sport, but it also features an extensive list of disciplines for you to choose from.

Offering some of the best odds you can find online, Whitehorse also pairs its product with plenty of in-play markets and good streaming quality.


A relative newcomer in the betting business, WinFair24 is quickly turning some heads. Offering top-quality odds and some of the lowest commission rates that you can ask for, the betting exchange takes pride in giving bettors a wide arrangement of sports, events, and betting markets. This, of course, includes all the Asian handicaps you want.

When visiting from your Brokers for Asian betting, you will see a complete and robust live section, full of tasty spread betting options. In fact, WinFair24’s live function is one of the most comprehensive in the business. Whether you’re looking to bet on the winner of a match or goal scorer, you’ll be able to find it all at WinFair24.

With its competitive prices and wide selection of markets, WinFair24 is quickly becoming one of the most popular betting exchanges around.


Betting exchanges offer a different and unique betting experience. But not all bettors want to solely focus on the laying and backing aspect of wagering. Sometimes, a traditional bookie is what you need in order for your strategy to seamlessly work. If you are the kind of player who prefers traditional sportsbooks, or if you at least want to mix and match, then Brokerstorm has you covered as well.


If you have ever stumbled across an online PS3838 review, you might have seen that the word often used to describe it is “exclusive”. Yes, PS3838 mainly focuses on clients joining from Brokers with Asian betting. And it thrives in creating the perfect environment for them.

As we live in the era of live betting, it is vital for any bookmaker that wants to establish itself in the business to have a solid live betting section. PS3838’s is way more than solid. With a fast and responsive betting tool and high quality streaming, it gives us punter what we are asking for.

As for variety, we certainly cannot complain. PS3838 Sportsbook offers a plethora of sports, from football to Gaelic sports, and it has a vast library of available markets, both pre-game and live, to satisfy our needs.

Advantages of Asian betting on brokers

Betting on brokers with Asian bets is becoming one of the most popular ways of playing among pro bettors. More casual players are also joining the fad and any sports betting brokerage service that wants to establish itself in the business has to be on top of the game to maintain its members happy.

For anyone who is interested in playing with Asian betting brokers, there is a series of advantages and benefits. Let’s visit the most important:

It is a profitable way of betting

Asian betting via brokers, or spread betting in general to be fair, is gaining more and more ground as a wagering strategy. Bettors love the freedom Asian handicaps offer. Using an Asian bet, instead of a flat line, you get two main benefits. Firstly, you eliminate all possible outcomes but two. This is a betting goldmine. Fewer outcomes equal a bigger chance to win, after all.

Secondly, spread betting even the field when one team has a significant advantage over the other. Thus it makes betting on the favorite more valuable and betting on the underdog more realistically possible.

Find the best value

We will also discuss that later when we analyze the best strategy for Asian betting with brokers, but this is something worth mentioning in this advantages section. Asian betting brokers give us the chance to find better value. As you get the odds from a handful of different betting sites, both exchanges and traditional bookies, you will see all those odds displayed in front of you.

This makes comparing and choosing way easier. And that is the very nature of betting. It is all about the value. So you won’t have to browse between sites to see which offers the highest odds for a specific market. You just open that market and see all odds neatly next to each other. Just pick the best and move on.

The same is true about funds. You will only need one broker account, so you just manage one bankroll. No more moving funds from one site to another.


This ties perfectly to the previous point. Joining an Asian betting broker will grant you access to both exchanges and sportsbooks. This means that you can use the benefits of both betting worlds. Depending on what the situation commands, you can either go and lay a bet on one of the exchanges or place a normal bet with an affiliated bookie.

This is the building stone for all successful strategies that can be implemented when using Asian betting brokers to bet.

Asian betting is fun

For most players, sports betting is mainly a form of entertainment. Naturally, professionals are excluded, as they make a living out of it, but they are just a fraction of the betting population. Most bettors are here for the love of the game, for the excitement and the entertainment value. Nothing less and nothing more. It is like paying to watch a movie. With the distinct difference that there is always the chance to make money out of it.

Asian betting is one of the most fun ways to play. The spread makes matches interesting until the end and can lead to many stand up and cheer moments.

The top strategy for Asian betting on brokers

There are many strategies that work perfectly with Asian handicap betting on broker sites. You can implement Asian betting on systems like Martingale, Labouchere, or Fibonacci, but quite honestly, brokers are the ideal platform for a method of betting you might know as arbitrage.

Arbitrage betting is a system where you take advantage of different odds for the same event to end up with a profit no matter the outcome. Since you need two different bookies or exchanges for arbitrage to work, Asian betting brokers will connect you with those sites. And on top of that, they will present all the available odds neatly on one page, for you to compare.

Of course, handicap betting is itself ideal for arbitrage as well. Binary-outcome markets are more than fitting for sure win betting. They are a must. And spread betting does that. It eliminates all other possible outcomes, living two. So the only thing you have to do is find the best odds possible and wager on the two mutually exclusive outcomes.

Let’s give an example. Bookmaker A, available on your broker, offers Real Madrid (-1.5) at 1.96 on a match against Valencia. Bookmaker B offers Real Madrid (-1.5) at 1.78 and Valencia (+1.5) at 2.17. This gives us an arbitrage opportunity. If you have a total stake of 100 dollars, then you should bet 52.54 at Real Madrid (-1.5) at Bookmaker A, at odds of 1.96. You simultaneously bet 47.46 dollars on Valencia (+1.5) with Bookmaker B, at odds of 2.17. No matter what the outcome is, you will gain a profit of 2.98 dollars.




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