The Asian continent offers a huge betting market. This is especially notable when compared with other continents. Moreover, there it is not a big surprise that close to 40 per cent of the best in the world are coming from Asia, However, the big surprise here is that not many are aware of the potential of the Asian bookies and market.
Therefore, this article includes a special Brokerstorm introduction to the Asian bookies and market.

I – Special Betting Odds

The Asian bookies and markets are well known for the fact that they offer the best odds on the planet. Most of them are working with the 2% profit margin which means higher odds for the bettors. Also, the Asian handicap betting odds are very popular among bettors from all over the world. As for the type of odds, the Asian market includes a few different odds concepts. The most popular are the Hong Kong odds. They also offer the decimal odds, the Malay odds and the Indonesian odds which are displayed in the same way as the American odds.

II – Things to Consider When Selecting Asian Bookie

It can be a challenge for many punters to select the right Asian bookie. On that note, it is important to emphasize that you should always have these four benchmarks in mind.
First and foremost, it is wise to pick an Asian bookie that offers different payment options and different currencies. This will provide with a higher level of betting flexibility.
Also, you should always analyze the safety and security aspects. Bookies should protect client data and stakes. Many Asian bookies have sophisticated software that can protect all your information. This should be a paramount and non-negotiable element.

III – Variety means Fun!

Betting should also be fun. It is no coincidence millions of Asians spend large sums of money on sports betting. After all, the Asian bookies offer the opportunity to wager on sports such as athletics, football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, golf, tennis, and rugby. Some Asian betting firms have a lower margin compared to European bookies. It provides pundits with a high chance of winning in the long run.
Final Thoughts
Lastly, it is safe to say that the Asian bookies are still an unexplored territory for many punters and professional bettors. They offer various benefits and their popularity is gaining momentum. Although these are some of the basic information about the Asian bookies, it is a fact that they can offer much, much more. Therefore, starting your betting journey with an Asian bookie can only be a positive step towards the future.



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